Uncover the Charms of Stadium Village Living

Where University Spirit and Neighborhood Life Intertwine

Harmonizing Urban Life and Academic Vibrancy

Syncing Life with Stadium Village's Beat

The position of The 700 on Washington in Stadium Village is unmatched, offering a vital mix of accessibility and community.

Right in the heart of Stadium Village, our residence places you at the crossroads of university life and neighborhood living. You’re situated conveniently near a light rail station and bus stops, making travel to local hotspots effortless with your UPass. Moments from the University of Minnesota, your academic commitments are within easy reach while you reside in a vibrant setting that buzzes with student energy and engagement.

Stadium Village flourishes with nearby dining, retail therapy, and sports centers just a block away, crafting an environment that’s not just about studying but about living. Whether you’re into grabbing a bite at the multitude of restaurants or taking a casual stroll through the neighborhood, everything you need is just around the corner. And when the lure of the city calls, the malls and downtown districts are just a quick ride away.

Choosing The 700 on Washington goes beyond finding a place to rest—it’s about embedding yourself in a setting that supports your educational goals, nurtures your personal development, and embraces your unique path.

Here, you’re more than a tenant—you’re a part of our community. Our team, well-versed in the nuances of university accommodations, is dedicated to making your college experience memorable. We’re on hand to assist, encourage, and ensure your time at university is as rewarding as you envisioned.


A Hub of Student Engagement

Positioned among university landmarks and thriving new developments, the student lifestyle in Stadium Village provides a perfect balance of academia and leisure activities. From cheering on the Gophers at TCF Bank Stadium to casual meetups in the neighborhood, this is where lifelong connections are forged.

  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Medical District
  • Collegiate


Revel in Stadium Village: A Cultural Nexus

Amid the collegiate echoes and urban transformation, Stadium Village stands as a testament to Minnesota’s embrace of vibrant student life and cultural diversity. Here, history is not only remembered but actively made through the daily rhythms of student life, from cheering in Gopher’s new stadium to engaging in intellectual debates in café corners. Stadium Village isn’t just a place; it’s the start of a story that every student helps write.

Exploring Stadium Village

A Youth-Driven Cultural Landscape

Dive into the transformative journey of Stadium Village, where the legacy of academia intertwines with a vibrant tapestry of cultural evolution, ensuring a living experience that’s as enriching as it is inspiring.

Educational Heartbeat
Stadium Village pulsates with the vibrancy of the University of Minnesota, presenting a unique blend of academic excellence and leisure. From the historical architecture that dots the campus to the modern-day amenities that border it, the neighborhood offers myriad environments for study and social interaction.

Maroon and Gold Legacy
The University’s colors paint the town, symbolic of the indomitable spirit in every corner of Stadium Village. This is where Gopher pride is worn and lived, as seen in local establishments celebrating every victory and academic achievement.

Cultural Fusion
Amid the urban backdrop, Stadium Village has blossomed into a cultural hub, hosting students and faculty from various backgrounds. It’s where international cuisines, arts, and festivities converge to create a living mosaic of global traditions.

Artistic and Athletic Revelry
With the resurgence of Stadium Village, the arts and sports scenes have flourished. Revitalized spaces host eclectic music performances and cultural gatherings, while the new stadium has rekindled a sense of communal celebration.

Innovation and Growth
The neighborhood is also a launching pad for entrepreneurial endeavors, many sprouting from the minds of the University’s alumni. These enterprises infuse the local market with opportunities for hands-on learning and career development.

Unveiling the Stadium Village Experience

Livelihood & Togetherness

Experience the reimagined life in Stadium Village, where the greenery of nature meets the convenience of urban living, all wrapped up in a community fabric that’s as supportive as it is innovative.

Urban Green Living
Strategically located in Minneapolis, Stadium Village now stands as a beacon of New Urbanism, melding the tranquility of nature with metropolitan accessibility. The redesigned Washington Avenue, now a haven for pedestrians and cyclists, reflects this blend, connecting green spaces to urban places seamlessly.

A Hub for Explorers
The revamped neighborhood invites adventure at every turn. The nearby Mississippi River beckons water enthusiasts, while green corridors offer a respite to those seeking peace or a path for a morning jog.

Commitment to Sustainability
Sustainability is not just a concept but a lifestyle here. Initiatives ranging from large-scale greenscaping to community-led urban farming projects encourage residents to live harmoniously with their environment.

Affordability with an Edge
Despite its urban transformation, Stadium Village maintains an affordable lifestyle. Eclectic eateries, unique boutiques, and local coffee houses offer high-quality experiences without extravagant costs, aligning with budget-conscious student life.

Unity in Diversity
Stadium Village is more than a neighborhood; it’s a collective where everyone—from student to professor, local entrepreneur to international visitor—contributes to the mosaic of community life, fostering a sense of belonging that transcends the usual urban experience.

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Discover the Difference

At The 700 on Washington, we redefine the student housing experience, blending top-tier amenities with unmatched convenience and style. Our offerings go beyond a mere place to stay, crafting a vibrant lifestyle that caters to the needs and aspirations of modern university life. Dive into the distinctive features that make our community stand apart and embrace a new standard of student living.

Skyline Views at the Sky Lounge 🏙
Tech-Forward Fitness Center 🚴‍♂️
Interactive Conference Room 📈
Gourmet Coffee Bar ☕
Retail Therapy On-Site 🛍
Reserved Parking Peace of Mind 🚗
Bike-Friendly Storage 🚲
Simplified Living with Online Payments 💳
Dedicated On-Site Teams 🛠️


Personalized Spaces Tailored for You

Step into the tailored experience of The 700 on Washington apartments, where each element is thoughtfully curated to create an urban sanctuary that stands out in Minneapolis. Here, the essence of city living is elevated to match the vibrancy of your university life.

Your university residence is an extension of your academic journey. At The 700 on Washington, embrace a living space adorned with top-tier amenities, crafted to make each day extraordinary.

Explore the full array of apartment options and find the space that resonates with your personal style and academic needs.

Studio Apartments

2 Floor-plans Available
  • Internet and cable TV included.
  • Fully furnished with modern aesthetics.
  • Sleek kitchenette with full-size appliances.
  • Private, keyless entry.
  • Ample storage with large closets.
  • In-unit washer and dryer.
  • Expansive windows offering city views.
  • Wood-style flooring for a contemporary touch.
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One-Bedroom Apartments

2 Floor-plans Available
  • Includes internet and a 42″ TV.
  • Contemporary furniture package.
  • Stainless steel appliances.
  • Spacious, private bedroom.
  • Ensuite bathroom with modern fixtures.
  • In-unit laundry facilities.
  • Double-pane windows to savor the urban scene.
  • Custom-designed floating island in select units.
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Two-Bedroom Apartments

2 Floor-plans Available
  • Complimentary internet and cable TV.
  • Fully furnished for ease and convenience.
  • Granite countertops and high-grade appliances.
  • Personalized keyless entry.
  • Generous closet space for storage.
  • Each bedroom with a private bathroom.
  • In-unit washer and dryer setup.
  • Stunning views of the Minneapolis skyline.
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