Experience Your Ideal Campus Lifestyle

Your UMN Home - From Studio to Two-Bedroom Apartments

Nestled in the bustling energy of Stadium Village, The 700 on Washington offers a diverse range of living spaces tailored to fit the unique needs of University of Minnesota students. Whether you’re seeking the streamlined simplicity of a studio, the tailored comfort of a one-bedroom, or the shared experience of a two-bedroom apartment, we provide the ultimate living experience. Each apartment is thoughtfully furnished and designed with the student lifestyle in mind, featuring modern amenities, private spaces, and stylish interiors. Discover the perfect backdrop for your college journey – all within walking distance to UMN.

Studio Apartments: Sleek and Efficient

Compact Living with Maximum Style

Our studio apartments redefine compact living, offering a blend of modern minimalism and supreme comfort. Ideal for students who enjoy their own company, these apartments are fully equipped with all the essentials wrapped in a stylish, efficient package.

With every detail from the ground up purposefully chosen for quality and comfort, our studios serve as the ultimate sanctuary for study, relaxation, and personal growth.

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One-Bedroom Apartments: Your Private Retreat

Spacious Solitude in a Lively Community

The one-bedroom apartments at The 700 on Washington provide a private haven amidst the vibrant life of Stadium Village. Spacious, serene, and smartly designed, they strike the perfect balance for those who appreciate alone time but also enjoy the buzz of the community.

Each one-bedroom space is a testament to personal comfort and academic focus, with ample room to live, study, and entertain within your personal domain.

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Two-Bedroom Apartments: Share and Thrive

Dual Living with Individual Flair

Our two-bedroom apartments are crafted for companionship and individuality, making them ideal for students looking to share their college experience without sacrificing personal space. These apartments offer the luxury of private bedrooms and the communal joy of shared living spaces.

Enjoy the synergy of roommate life alongside the peacefulness of your own secluded area. With generous square footage, modern amenities, and sleek design, these apartments are the perfect setting for creating lasting memories while pursuing your academic goals.

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